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We’re back with episode 3 and we are calling this the “Greatest Generation” edition!

We start off with a great story from LCDR ‘Cash’ Barber, WWII PBY pilot. They did some amazing things in the war that most people don’t know about. We also have another clip from our favorite WWII pilot, Ashley ‘Dick’ Pace, Jr. He recreates his docent days at the National Naval Aviation Museum as he tells us about an historic Transatlantic crossing. What you might not know is that Dick was related, by marriage, to ‘Archie’ Stone! Now that’s living history!

If you enjoyed Hill Goodspeed, Deputy Director, National Naval Aviation Museum, in Episode 2 showing the life boat remnant with surviving aviators names and signatures, then you’ll enjoy his presentation of this artifact from an aviator in captivity at the Hanoi Hilton.

Back by popular demand is the time lapse update of muralist, Daniela De Castro Sucre, as she works on the Hellcat Hangar mural.

We had a lucky opportunity to get an interview with former Blue Angel #8, Bruce Dillard, as he was waiting for his son, JD, to get his back seat ride with LCDR Griffin Stangel. JD was the director for the motion picture, Devotion, which tells the story of the first black naval aviator, Jesse Brown, and his close friend Tom Hudner. If you haven’t seen it yet, the airborne Corsair scenes are worth the ticket!

It’s great to be able to showcase the local artists and this episode we have the legend, Jacob Warye.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge CAPT John Ensch, who donated the tin cup to the National Naval Aviation Museum. His story is the stuff of legend. We would also like to acknowledge CAPT Mike McGrath, whose artwork from his days in captivity in North Vietnam have provided a unique window into the incredible hardships endured by American POWs in North Vietnam.

Be sure to check back next week when we drop our first Maritime episode!

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