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Hellcat Hangar Sea Stories Episode 1

Welcome to the pilot episode of Hellcat Hangar Sea Stories.

This episode introduces the creative minds behind this series. David Van Der Like, retired US Navy pilot and retired airline pilot is half of the team. Ben Van Der Like, active Chief Mate in the Merchant Marines, is the other half.

We have combined our two distinct interests, aviation related content and maritime related content, into video episodes that are entertaining and possibly educational.

We have tapped into our vast network of story tellers to present information that has probably seldom been heard. You can expect to hear from Topgun graduates to Harbor pilots and a whole lot in between.

In this episode we’ll also get to see Daniela’s progress on the Hellcat Hangar mural. Hill Goodspeed, Deputy Director of the National Naval Aviation Museum, gives us a look at a rare Naval history artifact. Dr. Judy Bense, President Emeritus, University of West Florida, talks about the history and importance of Pensacola Bay and the Port of Pensacola. We also spotlight Chantry Holdman, who we call ‘The King of Drones’ highlighting his work with Rocket Drones, and photographer, Laura Bogan.

Be sure to leave a comment and if you have a ‘Sea Story’ that needs to be heard, let us know!

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