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Living in the Age of Coronavirus

Chances are if you are breathing today you have probably been affected by the Covid-19 virus. Whether you have symptoms or have tested positive is not the only way that this virus can affect us. You are probably missing a planned event that you scheduled months ago only to find yourself ‘social distancing’ with many of your dear friends.

My own daughter was planning a graduation from Law School that she has worked for years to obtain. It won’t happen now. Of course, she will still graduate, but the planned gathering has been canceled. This has probably played out in nearly every family.

Things have changed significantly in the United States and in our communities. We are doing our part to comply with the recommendations of the CDC and the mandates of the State of Florida. We are hoping that the life span of this virus is short-lived and that we can get ourselves to normal sooner rather than later. But it remains to be seen if that is the case.

We are currently working with the National Naval Aviation Museum to provide some short term video stories to help those folks that can’t get enough NNAM stories. This is actually a rare opportunity to have access to the

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